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Post 217
5th Cell poured a lot of their heart and soul into this game, and no where is this more noticeable than in some of the internet memes and references they snuck into this game. These items range from incredibly useful to laughably useless, and we're going to try to break them all down.

The cats are calling:

The internet loves cats, and Scribblenauts loves them back. There are plenty of strange cat related internet memes that this game throws out there:

Ceiling CatCeiling Cat is watching you play Scribblenauts. Once hung in the air, Ceiling Cat is quite content to stay there and simply watch. It can't be interacted with in anyway, but if you want a companion to look after you, what more could you ask for? Do Not Want produces a kitten sitting at a kitchen table, unfortunately it disappears soon after that. The Itteh Bitteh Kitteh is at least a cat you can interact with (even if it appears to be nothing more than a smaller cat). Keyboard CatIt does find an attraction to any of it's bigger cat relatives, so if you want your new companion
to be happy, be sure to give it a mother to follow. Keyboard Cat can provide you wish some awesome tunes to listen to....
except that it doesn't actually play music. While Maxwell can try to interact with it, it seems that Keyboard Cat is just here for show. The good news is you can blast it away if you want. If you're ever on a level, need to get more points for unique words, and have a level you need to hit, I suppose you could call Keyboard Cat to your rescue. Long Cat is Long. He is so long that he can't even fit his picture into this article without lengthening it by a few inches. Unfortunately, you can not ride Long Cat to new heights, but it should be noted that he's no slouch in battle. You can put him in a fight against a series of dogs, and Long Cat's length will see him through. Long Cat is invinsible. Monorail Cat will slink across the Spaghetti Catscreen with no legs beneath him. Unfortunately, he can't hold up in a fight nearly as well as Long Cat. Ninja Cat will produce a fine gray cat, who unfortunately lacks a head band. By the way, don't put a Ninja Cat against a Ninja Shark, it ends poorly for the kitty. Spaghetti Cat would love to join you for a meal, unfortunately he's a rather short lived item, for soon after he arrives his table will disappear and he'll become a regular cat. Tacgnol (the opposite of Long Cat) will produce a black cloud and a black long cat with X's for eyes. Quite creepy. Tacgnol is not invincible.

Okay, all these cats might be cute, but what about something more useful? Well, if you need to get moving, there are a few internet objects for you.

Need a ride?:

Quite a few of these objects can act as a vehicle or a mount (after you tame them):

GAFGAF (or NeoGAF) might be on the most useful Internet items around. Put in the game after E3 2009 in honor of the rave reviews posted in the NeoGAF forums, it produces the logo of the NeoGAF website, which can be ridden around like a vehicle. It has a short, but useful hover time so it can be used to jump to different heights. Use this item when you're looking for a truly unique way of getting Maxwell around. Giant Enemy CrabThe Giant
Enemy Crab (a reference to Sony's 2006 E3 conference) can become a fearsome beast to ride once it's been
tamed. He certainly could be used to get through some guardians of Starites. The Invisible Bike could certainly get you moving, although admittedly not that fast. Still, it's hilarious to see Maxwell flipped upside down on seemingly nothing. I'd give you a screenshot of this object, but it's... well... invisible. The Lollerskates can get you moving around, though only as fast as regular skates. Ninja Shark can help you with your aquatic missions (after being tamed). Of course, if you need to move around in the air, just attach wings to yourself. A flying-ninja-shark might be the most frightening thing in this game. The Philosiraptor (a Raptor with a monocle) will not only let you ride him, but you won't even need to tame it. Unfortunately, he's not much in a battle. In fact, he won't fight at all (unless you've used Cupid's Bow). The ROFLCopter can certainly get you around, after all, it's nothing more than a standard Helicopter (it does not go SOI SOI SOI SOI). Leeroy Jenkins produces a knight that can guard you like any other knight.

The majority of the internet items we've looked through have at least had some use (although some what limited). However there are a ton more items that honestly have no use whatsoever! They can't all be winners....

The useless...

All Your Base Are Belong to Us (You'll have to spell it out, you cannot abbreviate it or even simply say "All Your Base") will produce a nice viewscreen with a cyborg in it... and that's about it. Epic FailDramatic Chipmunk will give you a wide eyed version of a chipmunk... and does nothing else. Well at least Epic Fail does something interesting... oh wait, it creates a Nuke that if triggered destroys everything on the stage. Feep produces a hybrid cyborg zombie. This is in reference to the poster of Post 217, and may be a reference to the methods he used to win the stage. If you're ever preparing a custom level and need some guards, why not throw a Feep or two in there. FTW will at least produce a nice fake Starite, good for custom levels. I See What You Did There produces a strange man with shift eyes who always follows you, while. LOL WUT LOL WUT(or LOL WUT PEAR) produces... a giant Maxwell head? Well, at least it's something you can interact with and doesn't immediately destroy the entire stage. I suppose if you enjoy seeing Maxwell run through a stage with a giant head, this item's for you. ManBearPig produces a Minotaur, while Noob produces a very stupid person. The Noob is actually surprisingly durable, able to eat poison without dying (immediately at least). ORLY and NOWAI both produce owls. Om nom nom nom will produce... um... a giant steel set of eyes and mouth that you cannot interact with in anyway, while Over Nine Thousand produces.... a monocle. I suppose that's the closest they had to a scouter. Rick Roll (not Rick Astley) is indeed in the game, which produce a person whom after posing a bit self destructs soon afterwards. Words like Your Moma, Ur Moma, and Yo Moma all produce zombies (perhaps the game is criticizing you for your lack of interesting comebacks). WeeGee (Luigi) produces a plumber, though he isn't green.
This leads us to our final (and one of my most favorite) Internet Items. There are a ton of ways to spell it: Post Two One Seven, Two One Seven, Post Two Seventeen, Two Hundred Seventeen, so on. But it all leads to Post 217.
Post 217
In case there was any doubt that the guys at 5th Cell were truly appreciative of what the fan community did for Scribblenauts after E3, here's the final piece of evidence. Post 217 helped to bring this game from one that was just another obscure 5th Cell title to a major hit. Of course, just because they're grateful, doesn't mean they have to be kind. Bring up this object with caution, because approximately 3 seconds after spawning, it will explode like a nuke, destroying the entire stage. No one ever said they couldn't have a little fun.

I hope you'll pick up Scribblenauts and give a few of these objects a try. I also hope you'll help us discover any additional internet memes 5th cell is going to hide in Super Scribblenauts.

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